Sale in execution – The process and how to stop repossession


Sale in execution advice

Sale in Execution is the legal process completion whereby a lender will sell your house to recover money that you owe on your bond

Let us assist you in preventing repossession and stop the sale in execution of your house, today.

There are many misconceptions about the sale in execution process that can cause great financial loss if not handled properly

You will have 10 working days to comply with this Section 129 Notice, before the sale in execution process can formally start

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Section 129

Section 129 notices are the final demand that you receive before any legal action, such as sale in execution can commence. These notices will be delivered either to your mailbox or by hand and will instruct you to do one of the following

Contact your lender and make acceptable arrangements to bring the account up to date
Seek the help of a debt counsellor or an alternative dispute resolution agent for the necessary action
Pay your account

You will have 10 working days to comply with this Section 129 Notice, before the sale in execution process can formally start

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Sale in execution Judgement

Judgements in Sale in execution orders are the next step after a Summonds have been issued and served. Once a judgement is granted, your creditor will become the “judgement creditor”. Once the judgement has been granted, the attchment order and furthermore the execution order will be granted

At this stage the legal process has run its course. The next event will be the scheduling of an auction to hold the sale in execution. This is done at the Sheriff’s office.

We can still assist even if the process has gone this far

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Sale in execution attachment order

The attachment order in a sale in execution is the last court document that you will receive. At this stage your property will already be advertised in the Government gazette and have a scheduled date for repossession

If you have received an attachment order or you are facing property repossession as a result of a sale in execution, please contact us below for free advice and assistance

We have helped hundreds of consumers prevent and stop a sale in execution in South Africa.

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How to prevent Sale in execution of your house.


What is a Sale in Execution.

Sale in execution is the final step in the repossession process. If you are facing a sale in execution, we can help save your property and prevent repossessions.

What is an attachment order.

Attachment orders is an legal notice that informs you that your property has been attached and will be sold in execution. Let us help you save your house.

How can we help stop repossession.

We have helped hundreds of clients stop, prevent repossession and cancel sele in executions since 1999. Please contact us.

Avenues To Help prevent a Sale in Execution

How to prevent repossession of my house

Let us advise you on how you can prevent repossession today. We consult for free on repossessions and sale in executions

Sell your house for cash

We will make you a cash offer on your house to ensure that the arrears are paid and the auction is stopped. Simple easy solution

Home loan agreement

We can buy your house and rent it back to you and give you the option to repurchase the property for only a 10% markup

Contact a repossession stopper

Contact us today for advice and services related to preventing repossession, stopping sheriffs auctions and sale in execution orders

We’re Here To Help You Prevent a Sale in Execution

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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