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Thank you again for visiting our website and for taking the time to read the questions on repossession and to familiarize yourself with the information surrounding house repossessions. If you have spoken to one of us prior to receiving this you would have been made aware that none of the information is given to cloud your decisions but to rather give you the fair opportunity to make the correct financial decision based on all the facts We will present this info sheet in the form of frequently asked questions that we receive with our answers.

If you have ant specific questions, or you would like a free consultation on how you can prevent, stop and avoid house repossession, please feel free to contact us

Debt review can only be used as a legal remedy to prevent repossession if there is no legal action on that specific account. If you have indeed received any formal legal documentation debt review (debt counselling) will never prevent repossession. You can verify this by downloading a free copy of the National Credit Act (NCA) from our website.

Absolutely! But we can absolutely without any doubt confirm that no evidence presented in a court application will result in a decision in your favour. Plain and straight forward based on the fact that you have not complied with the terms and conditions of your loan agreement, and therefore the credit provider can use remedies (such as repossession) to rectify.

We do not offer loans either to prevent repossession or so called “consolidation loans”. Any company that even consider to give you a loan is

Any company that even consider to give you a loan is in direct violation of the provisions of the NCA. You cannot be pre-qualified for a loan in terms of the Act if you have a tainted credit profile. Without us even having to look at your credit profile we know that you will not qualify. This is not a prejudice judgment but a known fact as a result of the given that your property will be repossessed!

You are more than welcome but with reference to the court application question this will not work. The legal process that have been started must in terms of the Court rules be completed.

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