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Option 1 – Quick Sell

Fast 3 step plan for a quick sale of your property

Sell your property quickly to cash buyer waiting to buy

Step 1 – Add Your Property Details

Our unique 3 step plan starts with you submitting your property details and requesting guaranteed cash offers to buy your property from us who are ready to buy right now.

(You may also choose a sell and rent back option if you wish to sell your house and rent it back .)

The second step involves reviewing the cash offer you have received and choosing which one suits you best (there is no obligation to accept any of the offers you receive). The final stage is to tie up the legal contracts and complete the transaction.

Important Note: We only buy property and can give advice to residents in South Africa.

Step 2 – Receive Quick House Sale Cash Offers

When you have completed the form opposite we match the details of the house you want to sell with our cash buyers. The suitable matching cash buyers can then make you an offer to buy your house in a cash only transaction.

Most do this within 24 hours and do not require to see your house. You can then review the offer(s) and decide whether or not to accept.

You are under no obligation to accept any offer.

Step 3 – Complete The Transaction and Sell Your House Within A Time Frame That Suits You

Once you have accepted an offer for your house the cash buyer will arrange the necessary paperwork with the lawyer and arrange to transfer of the funds to complete the purchase. It really is as simple as that.

Option 2 – Buy To Rent Back

Would You Like to Sell And Then Enjoy The Benefits of Renting Back Your House?

If so, we would like to introduce you to our  and fully authorized rent back option

Sale and rent back option allow you sell your house (or any type of property) quickly for cash and then you are able to continue to live in your home as tenants for a period not exceeding 12 months. You then have the option to repurchase the property from us

This option will only be made available to properties that meet our qualifying criteria. Please feel free to complete the online property listing and one of our consultants will discuss this option with you.

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