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Prevent Repossession was established in 1999 by financial, legal, investment and property specialists to provide alternative solutions and investment opportunities specific to the property industry. Our preventing repossession solutions, comply with the strong regulatory framework that is set forth in our industry.

We are a proudly South African company helping all South Africans prevent, stop and avoid house repossession.

Our national team consists of Attorneys, Chartered Accountants, Bookkeepers, Property specialists and Estate agents all over South Africa.

We are the market leaders in preventing repossession in South Africa since 1999.

Today the company boasts to be the leading and undisputed organization for prevention of repossession and
paying arrears to cancel auctions.

We are proud to say that over the years we have gathered all the needed expertise to assist you and your family in this very difficult time. Rest assured that we will provide the solution.

We operate across the whole of South Africa, thus not excluding clients by way of demographic
Or Locality difficulty.

With Preventing Repossession, you will enjoy a personal experience from which you can benefit

Not only will we help you to stop the auction and prevent repossession, we will assist you in  creating a stepping stone for a brighter future.

Please feel free to contact us for any further info

Ons help ook kliente in Afrikaans.

As u meer wil uitvind oor ons dienste en hoe ons u kan help om n veiling of bank terugnames te stop, kontak ons gerus vir n gratis konsultasie.

Ons help sedert 1999 kliente om bank terugnames van huise te voorkom en balju veilings te stop

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