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Prevent Property Repossession

Welcome to the leading firm that has been preventing property repossession in South Africa since 1999

What we do

Stop the auction of your house

Prevent and/or stop all legal action!

Legal action and litigation as a result of non payment of your credit agreements can be a very serious situation

We will ensure that all pending legal action against you is stopped and that you don’t have to fear of the dreaded “private number” collectors.

We will ensure that no extra legal fees are added to your outstanding capital that in today’s financial environment can cause serious headache

We will put you back in control of your financial situation and make sure you understand the value of a clean credit record without any bad references to collections through legal action

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We are the leaders i personal finance solutions and have helped thousands of consumers since 1999

> Preventing repossession

> Debt counselling

> Insolvency

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Prevent repossession and stop repossession by registered repossession stoppers  South Africa, We will stop the auction of your house today